采用高级计算机语言研究开发根据客户不同工艺进行定制管理系统软件,本系统采用ARM+PC架构联接PLC系统进行数据对接,可以通讯云服务及直联方式对系统全方位监控操作;二维码/条型码扫描跟踪入料、 生产资料管理,入料计划、入料系统数据管理、流程制程、报表系统。历吏记录系统、权限管理、曲线图、O-EE计算等功能。


Automated software control
Windows platform, mobile terminal, remote cloud platform

Use high-level computer language to research and develop customized management system software according to customer’s different processes. This system uses ARM+PCarchitecture to connect to the PLC system for data docking. The system can be monitored and operated in a full range of communication cloud services and direct connections; QR code/ Barcode scanning and tracking of incoming materials,production data management, incoming materials plan, incoming system data management, process manufacturing, report system, calendar record system, authority management, graph, o- EE calculation and other functions.
At present, smart terminals such as mobile phones,tablets, and PCs have been implemented to perform data monitoring operations and automatic abnormal feedback systems.The use of independent cloud processors has improved the timeliness and stability of data. Customized data interface and docking ERP management system can be customized according to customer requirements


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